The reading of Kimberle Crenshaw made me understand what intersectionality is said to be. What I understood is that when the author discussed Black feminism , ( Black woman) that no one can ever understand how she’s like by just being a ” black woman” but inorder to understand one you must go though the same interactions and situations that come behind each other. And if someone doesn’t take the point of intersectionality into consideration than one can never understand what it is to be a black woman, or in other words a minority group.

Seeing it in another way is that, intersectionality is the result of a minor group in a state that is being extremely marginalized due to race, gender and social standing.

An example of that, which happens in Egypt is something I specifically went through. This makes me sad for who I am in this society, since here in Egypt ( where I live )  women are normally looked down upon, and no not only in low class societies, but sometimes even in the elite class. Yes, the elites might be more advanced in how they think towards women and their rights but not all of them! They wouldn’t still completely strive to empower women. As they would come to the argument that they are ” shar2eyeen” as in ‘ extremely western” background and they don’t allow a woman to do what ever. Therefore they start blaming their unsupportive actions to their western background.

Anyways, back to our example of intersectionality in Egypt. To be honest it doesn’t really differ a lot from the reading!

So there was that one time where me and my mom just finished a wedding and we’re waiting for our uber to arrive. Keep in mind that was 12:00 am midnight. Anyways so we’re waiting and my mom decides to go to the kiosk across the street to get water, so I go with her. I then suddenly find two men next to the kisok, sexually assaulting us, verbaly! I couldn’t take it anymore and I begin screaming back at them saying what would have they done if someone said that to their mom, fiance, or sister! And began threatening them that I’ll get the police! But imagine what happens NEXT ! To my surprise people start coming and forming a circle around me. Me thinking of course that they’re there to defend me and make the two men back off! But to my surprise!!! They begin blaming ME! and telling me that I shouldn’t be even responding and that they would have eventually stopped ! WOMEN and Men blaming me and seeing that I’m wrong FOR STANDING up for my own right! Of course I shout and get mad, and I still insist on getting the cops but the two men were no where to be found. But that’ not the case here. The case was that me, a woman , in an Egyptian society I was oppressed and blamed for standing up for my own right to MEN, and not only MEN accused me of being wrong, but WOMEN also. But that isn’t because they actually think I’m wrong. That’s because they have been marginalized, looked down upon in our society and sometimes seen as sexual objects that men can freely sexually abuse, physically or verbally. According to what she wears or what she does. ( being out until 12 am ! ) LOL. Intersectionality is the case in Egypt, for Egyptian women. As they have been


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