Soliya Reflection

Soliya, has been a new way for me to get to know people. The first session for me, I was very early to it and I was there talking to the facilitator and trying to know her more, as we waited for people to join. Then two people joined from the US and Tunisia. And we started talking about what is the difference between a discussion, conversation and a debate. While each one of us basically said the same thing. After that the Facilitator started to make other activities for us. While doing so another participant joined but was having a hard time reaching with us so she was typing in the chat box . Which was a little bit hard for us to keep up with her. We had other activities going on such as stating 10 things that identified who we are. But, honestly I don’t see why we did it since all the facilitator did was that she said what each one of us thought his identity was to be. We had no deep discusions which I was looking more forward too. But overall, this being my first session I thought it would be awkward and I won’t be able to communicate with other people but it didn’t end up like that at all! We all heard each other and politely agreed or disagreed.

The other session I entered for a couple of minutes and i was having severe connection problems, I messaged Soliya that I couldn’t connect but they really didn’t help. That session connection kept coming on and off. So that wasn’t the best session to be at.

The third session, my internet was so bad, so bad. That I decided no more from house Soliya sessions. And that I’ll start going to campus for my sessions.

Over all, it was one real session that I participated in fully. And I’m looking forward to see what happens next and what we talk about.


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