Soliya Final Reflection

Soliya’s dialogue (Connect Program Compact) differs a lot from other types of
online communications I use. Such as twitter, WhatsApp and Facebook and rarely
skype. First, the difference that I encountered was that I was talking to people I have
never ever and never will bump into by chance, coming from different backgrounds and
ethnicities. While we started off talking to each other and knowing one another in a
group format way, which would never happen in an online communication program that I
use. Since all my social media accounts even skype is very limited to the people I know
and the people that may come up to me as suggested people I may know, which still
comes from the same group of people I know so there is a mutual friend or a mutual like
that the webpage has figured that we both like. And talking about skype one must add
someone specifically by name in order to communicate. But my experience with soliya
was totally different, as soon as I got into the group there were people I have never met
before, from different parts of the world. Another point that differs Soliya from other
online communication apps is that even if it was said to be that I could communicate with
people from different parts of the world, there was never going to be a person that would
have been watching us talk to 1. Break the ice between the group so that no one is
embarrassed from one another, and it’s not awkward. Which was very likely to happy if
no facilitator was there. 2. Running the conversation, opening for us a topic and asking
us questions in order to get more engaged in the discussion with one another. 3.
Watching us as a group, incase any conflicts that happened or any misunderstanding
that thankfully wasn’t the case in my own program.

Joining soliya and being part of it made realise who I am in the digital world, and
what I like and dislike while communicating. I discovered that I’m an intuitive
communicator as I like knowing the big picture of the story when someone is talking
about a topic, I don’t like them going into too much details as I feel that they’re stalling
me down on the conversation and I internally get mad. I prefer to know know the broad
overview of the topic being discussed and the end point or conclusion of it right away. I
feel that this makes me think big and understand the story from a larger scale. While I of
course realize that me being an intuitive communicator online may have its downside
and be bad because, I dislike having to wait and listen to every single detail, and
accordingly I get very impatient and sometimes may even fidget around in anything. And
sometimes, I may even lose interest when someone is talking about all the details.
Luckily, not everyone in the group chat was a functional communicator. As in a person
that goes step by step of what he thinks. If I could recall properly I would say only one
person was like that, I may have gotten a bit frustrated but again not like any other online
communication, the facilitator steps in and tries to summarize what has been said,
incase no one heard or the signal was bad. Which was a good factor the Typing
facilitator would summarize what has been said by a person.
In order to strengthen constructive communication both face to face and online
people have firstly accept the fact that other people other than you, don’t necessarily
think of topics like you. Therefore., one must put in mind the idea of acceptance, to
elaborate more one must accept what is being said to him in order to be accepted, and
must be open to new ideas since there are new different point of views one encounters.
And of course, that would not only help to foster the communication but will build respect
out of acceptance to one another. Since no conversation is ever made well without
respect. Another point would be that one should feel free to ask questions to the other,

as well as pitching in ideas or commenting on a statement the other person said
anytime. But of course, again respect has to be taken into consideration, as anytime
here means that one must focus and concentrate on what being is said then after the
person has finished, the person who wishes to talk could. So both speakers don’t feel
any disrespect. Not only that but if one was to be talking to someone face to face or
online it would be better for both of them to make direct eye contact since that makes the
person more confident, and makes the other person realize how focused you are which
shows how interested one is. Which would still foster online communication and face to
face conversations. Finally, to make it more fun while talking or discussing something,
the people who are discussing face to face would have a better conversation if they were
both doing something they like. For example, hanging out for coffee while talking. While
for the online communication they could try sharing some background music or trying to
sit in a quiet area so that they would give each other, ultimate respect and concentration.
My experience in Soliya wasn’t what I expected the first session, I entered the
session thinking it was going to be an awkward type of communication tool and that I
wouldn’t know what to say. But then I found someone helping us around (factilator) on
topics and making us contribute with each other and engage in answering questions. I
stayed that time the whole period of time, talking about the difference between
discussions and communications and what defines my identity. I wasn’t really excited
that much since the topics weren’t really the best thing but the experience to talking with
people for the first time was better than I expected. The other sessions I had, I
experienced EXTREME connection problems, and I was really mad and sad at the same
time for that as it would sometimes be my turn and I would want to join the discussion
with some idea I want to say and the connection would cut off, and when I came to
reconnect again the group would have moved to a different question and of course I

would feel lost. To sum up my experience in Soliya, I thought it was a good experience
for me to intercultural connect with people from all over the world but I wish connection
was better than that or we had a Whatsapp group or facebook where we could just chat
there freely whenever or whatever time we could be there, better than being obliged to
talk in a certain time for a specific amount of time.


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