Exploring Digital Literacies

Digital Confidence Profile:

First thing I had to do is that I had to see and rate myself on how I saw technology and how i interfere with it. Just before you see a screenshot of my relationship with it, I have to be honest about that but I really do dislike technology, yes this course has showed me another aspect of how to engage with people but so far the one thing that I’m liking is the blogging other than that I’m not really a fan of technology, when you say technology to me it’s like I’m a grandmother haha. anyways so here it is


so we see the most thing i am really confident about is my identity online and wellbeing and this is because of this course and how it showed me the importance of one’s identity online another thing that I am really confident about is searching for stuff that I need for example in research papers but other than that the tech and learn and the tools and technology I just know the basics in it. While the communications and collaborations is the same too since i’m not a person that likes to communicate via the web i prefer face to face conversations other than the web. The new thing that I have learned in this course in order to communicate though is the blogging posts and that;s cool since you express what you feel and how you feel in words and show who you are as an online identity person.


So my google search for digital literacy – definitions that I liked

What is Digital Literacy

The set of skills, knowledge and attitudes required to access, create, use, and evaluate digital information effectively, efficiently, and ethically.
digital-literacy-model llllllll

this chart is another type of defination that I liked but is seen in a chart


What Exactly are Digital Skills?

When considering the digital skills gap, this question is not asked often enough.

Cornell University defines digital literacy as ‘the ability to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content using information technologies and the Internet’6.

By this definition, digital skills are any skills related to being digitally literate. Anything from the ability to find out your high-score on Minesweeper to coding a website counts as a digital skill.



Digital Fluency 

While for digital fluency I really liked this defination which is the

“ability to select and use the appropriate digital tools and technologies to achieve a particular outcome. It goes beyond understanding what types of tools are available and moves into a zone where a person can choose the right tools based on the situation and knows how to best use them to meet the situation’s requirements.



I think all definations are actually somehow similar but in different wording as they all come with the same outcome of how digital tools can be used in an efficient way

While for the POMO article

I really don’t think it’s such a reliable post since one it’s somehow of a blog post and can show a bit of biased

2 they state that they are specialist in that kind of work? umm how do we actually know that? shouldn’t they state who and what they do as their jobs? like how can I rely on just a statement like that that they are actually specialitsts. Yes the author seems quite knowledgeble but what about WE? who’s we. I don’t even feel like the we did any amazing research

Plus the post of the picture they have is exactly the same defination that I got online?! THEY COPY PASTED it why didn’t hey do their own new defination and why didn’t they cite? I don’t feel like it’s something I should rely on to be honest

Wow Dr. Maha Bali’s article really did grab my attention I liked how it was short and very informative and how she talked about how it’s important for us students to know what we post and that we should be more aware of that! My take home note is  on how we should listen and act quickly on social media and that we should focus on that.. and yes speaking of. thinking about it more we really do need to adapt this skill and realize how important it is.

  1. How would you rate the academic quality of the definitions you found (e.g. low / high)? Ummm, I would actually say that most of them are high since I focused on getting them from digital literacy reliable sources as in websites that actually focus on this and have a contact and author of who wrote the articles.



The first station I choose was about online identity, and that really interests me since it’s so weird for me that one can have a normal identity and another identity that he can present him self in online.  While the second station was about online security and i felt that both of these relate to each other since your identity that you can show online whether it’s a real identity of who you really are or fake, I think one deserves to feel like he’s secure and nothing of what he is posting is being misused as I feel that this is ethically wrong. (The markzukerberg scandal)just makes me more curious too on how one can hide his content and make sure it is not being misused not only that but I recently watched Snowdens’ movie and I felt how much were being manipulated and being fed on by other people that are freaks and we actually have no social online security !




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